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Involvement Volunteers International: What Do They Do Overseas?

With catastrophe and economic crisis rising in number, people from across the world gather all together to volunteer and help those who are in need. Many countries are experiencing humanitarian crisis and it has been affecting their safety, health, and community for many years. Areas that are affected by man-made disasters and harsh typhoons cannot survive without the help of other people. Volunteers provide those who are in need of medical assistance, food and water supply, and even camps for shelter. Involvement Volunteers International has been helping out areas like Fiji, Philippines, Nepal, Syria, and Cambodia. They have saved the lives and touched the souls of the people who have lost a home, family, and hope.

There are three types of crisis that the world is experiencing and they are: Armed Conflicts, Natural disasters, and Complex Emergency. These have greatly affected the lives of millions of people but it never stopped Involvement Volunteers International from reaching out. These are the countries that volunteers have helped:

1. Fiji

This small country is located in the South Pacific and is known for having palm-lined beaches and undersea marvels. But in spite having such beautiful island away from civilization, they lack the right materials to provide quality education for the locals. If you’re a teacher willing to volunteer Fiji is the perfect place to share your in-depth knowledge and expertise. You should definitely try to volunteer in Fiji and make a difference in other people’s lives.

2. Philippines

Having the slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” mirrors the type of people who live in this beautiful country. The Philippines comprises 7,107 islands and each has its own unique characteristic. Setting aside the fun that this country offers, Philippines is also struggling with health crisis and street children are the number one example for this. If you’d like to volunteer in Philippines, you can start by joining volunteer programs to feed the street children.

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