How to Get the Best of Hong Kong Sevens Experience

Considered the summit of sevens rugby games, the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens is an event to consider attending. The event takes place annually every April in the historic Hong Kong Stadium. With fans drawn from various parts of the globe, the stadium is a beehive of activities bustling with both fans and players. If you plan to travel to Asia for this great event, it is advisable to look for Australian open tickets as early as possible because you’ve missed out on something quite refreshing. With this guide, you can have a good knowledge of the event and the area.

hong kong rugby sevens

The epicenter of the game – the South Stand

For regular attendees, they know this is where the party takes place. Accessing the point is hard, especially with long queues that can stretch to more than an hour. Besides, it is loud owing to the cheers emanating from the gathered fans. In addition, the south stand is a colorful space with an amalgamation of costumes from various fans. Some crazy fans will keep your camera rolling most of the time.

Once you have booked your ticket for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, you can secure your space at the South Stand. However, to get the most out of the place, keep in mind the following points.

·         Arrive at the stand earlier, especially on Saturday the day of entertainment

·         Wear a costume of your choice

·         This area is for entertainment—make sure you have your valuables such as cell phones, tablets zipped up

·         Bring extra clothes that you can change into after the game

·         Your camera will help you take incredible shots, but keep it safe and handy!

·         Focus on the scoreboard

·         The seats are unreserved—first come first served, but you make sure you’re in your best costumes.

Explore other stands

In addition to the southern stand, you can secure a space on the east or west stands. In these stands, you can watch the games with little interruption. Especially if you are a first-timer for the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, it is advisable to secure a space in either east or west stands. As in the southern stand, the seats in the east or west stands are unreserved. Arrive early to secure the best position to watch the games. While the upper zone is an alcohol-free, you can hop into one of the bars behind where you can sip your favorite drink while watching the games on big monitors. More info at Keith Prowse Travel.

How to get to the stadium

Book one of the hotels in the Hong Kong Island since most of them are at a close distance from the stadium. For instance, hotels in zone A are just within 10 or 20 minutes walk from the stadium. Otherwise, you can catch a train, which is another faster means to get to the stadium.

A train is fast and it drops you right at the stadium, where you arrive earlier to avoid congestion at the stadium.

A great event it is, you can arrange for your ticket as early as possible. Check Australian open packages 2017 and book your ticket for the hk rugby 7’s.

Why Should You Wear Custom Cycling Jerseys?

Are you thinking about getting into cycling sports? Whether recreational or professional, you definitely will need more than just a good bicycle. What you need is the proper attire for this type of activity and the right kind at that. Biking requires clothing that helps maintain good circulation to your lower extremities and ergonomic relief for extreme comfort during movement.

A regular t-shirt and sweater can end up soaking with sweat and dirt, which can be quite uncomfortable. Moreover, this can lead to the onset of allergies and heat exhaustion, and that is not a desired outcome.

On the other hand, wearing the wrong attire can increase your chances of getting injured. Sweatpants and shorts, for example, can hamper ideal leg movement.

That is why you need custom Cycling jersey’s to achieve optimum performance. Whether you are aiming to be a recreational cyclist or a professional triathlete, there are plenty of reasons why you should wear custom-made sports apparel to meet your needs. Here are some of those:

Cycling jersey's

Personalized Style

As an aspiring cyclist, you need to look like one. Therefore, it is best that you get a custom cycling kit that is made just for you. Reflect your passions and express your personality through choosing a distinct design. You can opt for a selection of your favorite colors and characters as desired. This ensures that your outfit is unique giving you a good start with the sport, most especially if you are eyeing to be a professional someday.

Maximum Performance

Proper biking apparel is better compared to traditional sports clothing because of its aerodynamic design. This reduces wind resistance helping you achieve speed and momentum when bike racing. Furthermore, since the material used helps with ventilation, you can stay cool even after long hours of cycling. Moreover, the water-proof fabric ensures that you will stay dry, giving you a fresh look after all the action.

As a triathlete, you need a suitable triathlon kit to be sure that you can perform well during the event. Thus, increasing your chances of achieving victory.

Optimal Comfort

Designed to withstand wear and tear even with excessive activity. If you will be cycling for hours and in long distances, then custom cycling jerseys are suitable for an active lifestyle. The apparel is made from smooth, breathable material that reduces friction brought by movement. This guarantees you of comfort all throughout the exercise.

So, whether you are running, biking, or swimming, you will feel less resistance, ensuring a smooth performance.

Custom Fit

Get the right sports attire and ditch the old saggy shorts and sweaty shirts. With just the right size for your body type and shape, you will feel comfortable during long bike rides and extreme sporting activities.  With custom triathlon clothing, the chances of you winning will be up by a notch.

Whether you are an aspiring cyclist or triathlete, donning the proper attire can help you with achieving maximum performance and optimum comfort during sporting events. This will give you higher chances of achieving your dream of getting a gold medal.

If you want to find out more information about custom cycling jerseys, check out through

Getting on the Right Foot When Starting to Play Paintball Skirmish on the Gold Coast

Australian paintball skirmish has really come a long way not only as a hobby, but as a sport. On the Gold Coast, for example, the activity has become mainstream, with more and more people going to the playing field, equipment becoming advanced, and vendors increasing in number. While these things entail that the sports is thriving, they can also make it already perplexing or overwhelming for people who want to play the game for the first time. Nevertheless, there are steps that you can take to ensure you are on the right foot in getting started with paintball skirmish Gold Coast has.

Paintball Skirmish Gold Coast

1. Take the time to research.

Before you play your first paintball skirmish, it would be good if you are already a bit familiar with the game, so research on the types of field and the scenarios you will be playing in. Also, get an idea on how to use paintball markers to get an advantage over other beginners. Of course, you should find out the etiquette and safety tips on playing the game.

2. Select a field that welcomes beginners.

Do a quick search on paintball skirmish Gold Coast has and figure out which facilities are more welcoming to beginners. To choose the best among your options, read some reviews. This way, you will have the best chances to play against other beginners on an even field.

3. Rent your first pieces of equipment.

Given that you have not tried the sport out, it would be best not to go all out on buying your own equipment and initially go for rentals instead. Remember that a paintball marker and its accessories can be a sizeable investment to make, so try out different models first. The good news is, most Gold Coast paintball skirmish facilities already offer a complete set of rental equipment. By the time you get an idea on which items suit you best, you can choose to buy your own.

4. Wear recommended clothing.

The clothes you wear are equally important as the equipment you use in this sport. For beginners, it is acceptable to first opt for casual wear, like jeans and hoodies, though make sure they are thick enough to absorb the impact of a paintball. As you advance your skills and try to play tournaments, it is best to wear a full military outfit and some padding because paintballs shot from advanced markers can really hurt.

5. Always keep safety in mind every time you play.

Throughout the entirety of the game, playing paintball skirmish Gold Coast has is mostly painless. However, there are still some dangers involved, so keep in mind standard safety measures. Never remove your mask while you are in the middle of a game. In between skirmishes, unload your marker and remove its tank, as it could fire accidentally.

Paintballing should be fun and rewarding even for beginners, so make sure to be prepared for the game. Start slow, and after a period of time, you will have everything you need. By then, it is much easier for you to take your paintballing skills to the next levels. Now, for the best paintball skirmish in Gold Coast, visit